Os X Permission Woes


Okay so I have an annoying situation with os x permissions.
So basically I have an os x server where people each have a login to and backup archived data to a folder. The problem is that if somebody decides that they want to retrieve anything from that folder sometimes they cannot read it because the files have different owners and groups.
Now it seems like there should be some kind of workaround for this where they could all access that information equally..but so far I don't know. Say, if all the files were read/write for the group staff they should all be able to access everyting regarldess of owner right?
I found a piece of software called ForkServer Helper (http://www.bresink.de/osx/ForkServerHelper.html) but there must be another way. Perhaps a better way of configuring that share? A different way of transfering the files? I'm open to a good solution! Thanks!
~ Chris