OS X permissions


Hey there,

I'm trying to figure out how to set up some computers for multiple users. I need a few bog standard users, a super-user (1) (not root) who can access all of the other users's home folders, and another super-user (2) who can also access everything and will probably be the owner of the bog-standard users' folders. Make any sense?!

While I keep on reading about OS X's UNIX permissions, I can't see them that clearly. How can I give (1), for example, 0777 permissions?

I'm not sure I quite understand how what is implemented works. When I go to Owner & Permissions in the info pane, there is the Owner, Groups and Other. Why do standard users (i.e. single users, not groups) show up in the Groups list?! If I'm just trying to assign permissions for a single user should I do that via the Other list or the Groups list?

To assign proper UNIX-esque permissions, I assume that I'd have to do that via the terminal?

Incidentally, these are straightforward tiger machines, not OS X Server or anything like that.

Any help/advice/suggestions would be muchos gratefully received.