OS X Preorder and language


I am living in Québec, and I have just called the AppleStore to preorder MacOS X.

I had the choice between French version OR English version... These two languages are not together in one final version... Interesting...

Maybe they doesn't have sufficient space to put all basic languages in the same CD... So, not enough space for multiple languages => third parties apps, utilities, games ?
Moreover, there will be MacOS 9.1, so there will be maybe 3 CD (I've heard about 2 CD for MacOS X)

maybe the language choice is for MacOS 9.1...

I hope it will be possible to have multiple languages like in PB, because it was so great to switch on-the-fly, when we want.
2 users : one French, one Spanish ? No problem, just change the Sys-Prefs : International.

What do you think ? What do you know ?
I have been to a Apple presentation for Mac OS X this week, and they said that the CD has every language on it that are available for OSX at that time, French, English, Spanish, German, Japanese...
The only difference is that you get a French or a English manual.
Whot' a beauty! (How's my british accent ??? LOL)
I just hope they did not forget Greek in X ;)