OS X Printer Sharing on OS 9 Network


we have a network connected on a Dlink DSL Router as a DHCP server and every OS X on the network have there appletalk enabled, and one of the OS X computer has an Epson Stylus Photo 2100 shared on the network.

The problem is the OS 9 computers can see it but when you print there is no output!

I don't know how to work around MAC's network printing and it has been a very big problem. I don't want to put up a USB hub since there tables are so far appart it would be very expensive to have a long USB cable.

Is there any way to resove this?
Os 9 can't print to an OS X shared printer in the same way. You'll need the IP address of the OS X computer with the printer, plus the queue name for that printer (in Printer Setup, highlight and "Show Info" - queue name is listed there). On each OS 9 computer, start the Apple Desktop Printer Utility. Use the LPR protocol. For PPD, choose Apple Color Laserwriter 12/600. Enter the OS X's IP address. Name the printer something easy to recognize, and enter the queue name. Finish.
On each of these OS 9 computers, the new printer will show up in Print dialogs, but not in the Chooser - just the way desktop printers work. You won't have all the printer options available.

Hope this helps