OS X Project Builder Q's


I love Apple's Project Builder and all, but I've had a few problems that have left me scratching my head for quite a while.
1) I have a C++ program that prompts a user for information at the beginning using the stdio.h commands (printf, scanf, etc), including a few intermittent prompts for debugging purposes. However, for some reason when I build and test the program within Project Builder, it expects input first, then, when valid input is received, the compiler it prompts the user for input and displays any other prompts all at the same time. I remember a problem similar to this present in iostream.h, but I've tried using a dummy prompt, but it didn't work.

2) When I try running the executable from the build folder in the terminal, it cannot seem to find files that I request, regardless of their path. For example, I call for a *.dat file in the program (say, /Project/*.dat), and, after compiling, I use the 'Edit Active Executable' option to tell the executable to look in the parent directory (so instead of looking in /Project/build/..., it looks in /Project), but it does not see the file. I then copied the file to the /build directory, but, even there, the executable does not see it.

If anyone has the solution to these problems, I would greatly appreciate it.