OS X Scanning Software


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I have a UMAX Astra 34xx series USB scanner and am (was) running VistaScan 3.75 (classic app). It does NOT work in OS X (even under classic). This sucks!!! I sent an email to UMAX but they don't seem to care much. Does anyone know of any GOOD OS X compatible (carbonized or native would be even better!!) scanning software that would work with my scanner?

Or do I have to buy a new scanner??
I would try VueScan (you can find it at versiontracker.com). I have a demo for my UMAX 6400 (FireWire) and it works.

I'm holding out to see what UMAX puts out, but I've been really pissed that my brand new scanner won't work on OS X and UMAX does not have SHIT to say out it.
VueScan works for for Umax scanners? I checked a couple of months ago, and they didn't have that support yet. I'd love it if they did now.
I'm in the same boat with you guys, my Canon won't work in X either and Canon tells me that they're "working closly with Apple, but no released date is set"

oh boy...