OS X Server and local drives on client machines

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I'm trying to disable users from write access to the local drives on their machines. I only want them to save files to their home folder on our OS X server. I'm kinda new to OS X server and welcome any suggestions. Thanks.
Home dirs are on the server. The problem I'm having is when a user saves an email from their MacMail client (IMAP) to a folder on the local machine. They can't get to those saved emails on another machine.
Just to be sure, are we possibly confusing home folders and home directories? :) Its very common to do, it seems and I've done it myself when talking to folks.

If their home directory is on the server, everything that's placed in that home, which should be all of your user data, since they wouldn't have permissions to other areas on the system, should be on the server.

If you really wanted to be sure nothing touched those internal drives, you could always diskless netboot all of the clients. ;)
hmm.. It seems I am mistaken. I checked the /Users dir on the server and located the mbox that shows up under "On My Mac" in MacMail. Me thinks "On My Mac" should be changed to something else to avoid confusing me :) Sorry for wasting everyone's time.
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