OS X Server from AppleShareIP problem


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Has anyone else had a problem migrating from AppleShareIP to OS X Server? I transfered just like the manual says, and all my users transfer over but when I go to add share points, I can add 1 share point then after that I go to add another and the window for adding it comes up but everything is greyed out, I can restart the computer (not just the server) and then add it, but under IP I had atleast 35 share points so it will suck if I have to restart after each one. Also I have a problem with the admin tool crapping out then not responding until I restart the admin machine AND the server. Any help or other peoples problem (so I know what to expect or avoid) would be much appreciated.
You maybe able to find a few post over in the Apple Discussion Site on the subject in the Mac OS X Server 10.0 area. I sometimes venture into that area now and again because the Mac OS X Server 1.x area has become very slow lately. It has a search function, so you can search under "share point" and see what you get.

best of luck