OS X Server is some wicked kit!


Official something...
I've just been reading about the Isle of Man Education department in the latest UK MacWorld.

They have a network of 1200 Macs linking up all the schools on the island. We're talking about iBooks, iMacs, Airport networking, etc... Each student can log on anywhere in the island and be able to access their work (presumably netboot).

All this is driven by a server farm of eight G4 towers running Mac OS X Server. All the software on the macs can be upgraded in a single day.

And now for the best bit. How many system administrators do they have?


I doubt if a Winblows solution of this size could even work, let alone be run by one sys admin (who is probably also a teacher, on the PTA, makes the tea, etc...).

I great story for Mac advocates!
if had to do this with windows, i wish i was death :p with 1 sysadmin and windows this is inpossible
The current MacWorld article about the IOM contains certain amount of inaccuracy. The story initiated from and article written for MacFan a Japanese mag. We had a reporter visit us for 2 full days back in May and his article is entirely accurate. You can find the article, which appeared in 3 installments on..


Whoever re-wrote the article for macWorld made a number of mistakes.

However, it remains that we do directly support about 2000 Macs including 700 wireless laptops (PowerBook G3's and iBooks). We do only have one (part time) engineer - occasionally supplemented by an extra engineer at peak demand times.

We believe we are the only education authority (if not, certainly the first) to provide all its teachers with laptops.... see the articles for more details.