OS X Server/Raid Drive not mounting


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Okay, so the server here at work is on the fritz and Disk Utility won't make it mount. Server was upgraded to 10.3.9 (someone set an autoupdate that really messed things up!) and Security patches 002, 005 and 006 were installed.

Now the RAID won't mount in the os x server box.

What's the best program to fix the drive and make it mount? We need to save 1.5 years of work from this drive. Is Tech Tool Pro the program to use or something else?

URGENT. Any help appreciated.
I believe a yes answer on both, but not 100% sure. I didn't personally set up the xserve. I'm assisting our IT guy.

He seems to think Tech Tool or Disk Warrior would get our drive back up. Any thoughts?
Diskwarrior is HIGHLY renowned for recovering lost data and fixing corrupt drives. I highly recommend using it.

Use Techtool Pro 4 along with the Apple hardware test CD as well, as they will be able to test the hardware and tell you if it's a hardware failure or software problem.
MacMediaGuru, thanks for the recommendation!

The funny thing is I can't get the drive to mount to Tech Tool Pro is useless right now anyway… :)

Disk Utility sees the drive but it's grayed out and won't completely repair when we try to repair it.
If you are unable to mount the disk (I've the same problem..) there is nothing to do with repair utilities..
but try with terminal command:

diskutil checkRAID
Print out the list of available RAID sets.

diskutil repairMirror raidDisk newDisk
Repair a failed mirror. Supply the existing RAID as the raid-raidDisk
Disk parameter. Supply the new disk as the last parameter of
the request. newDisk and raidDisk are only Device Nodes or
Disk Identifiers. Ownership of the affected disk is required.

or try to work directly on the disk:

diskutil list
all partitions on all disks will be displayed.

diskutil verifyVolume device
Verify the disk structure of a volume. Ownership of the
affected disk is required.

diskutil repairvolume device
Repair the structure of a volume. Ownership of the affected
disk is required.

Anyway if you are unable to repair there are a lot o application to recover the data.. (is not a great solution because all the various application that I try recover a little percentage of data without original name)
but the best result for me was "Filesalvage"
other recover application:

good luck