OS X Server - Setup for Virtual Hosting?


I've developed on windows going on 15 years or so. About 8 months ago, I purchased a 24" iMac and found that I really like OS X. So I got the iPad next, last week I went and got the top of the line iMac 27" with the i7 quad... and this past friday, I purchased the Mac Mini Server :) I bumped the mem up to 8gigs... So let me get to my questions...

I have been running CentOS with Directadmin CP for several years for hosting. I want to start virtual hosting with OS X Server...

When I install the DA control panel on centos, there is the 2 main DNS servers I have to setup which points to the local machines 2 ip addresses dedicated for dns...

I can't find how to add these in OSX and do initial setup for virtual hosting.
Also, In my linux server, every user has a unique system account, user, group per account. Is that how I should setup users/groups for virtual hosting on OSX?

Last of all, are there any documentation for step by step setup of OSX for a virtual hosting platform?

I'm not getting no where on what I have found in google.

All help greatly appreciated!


Hi RD,

I can't help you directly but if you just bought the mac mini server I'd give tech support a call, I'm calling for a school when I call in but I've had very good luck with tech support and my directory services calls I've had to make.

Please post back here anything you find, I've had inklings of doing some support things on our internal osx server that the virtual hosting might be a good fit for.