OS X Server unlimited or 10 user?


Apple U.S. apparently wasn't nearly as ready to answer such technical questions. Thanks for the info.


Get the application called Locator which puts a GUI on the CLI "locate" command.

Then poke around carefully in the various .conf files, etc. which deal with service configuration. For example, in:


I find "MaxClients 150" prefaced by the note:

"limit on the number of clients who can simultaneously connect - if this limit is ever reached, clients will be LOCKED OUT, so it should NOT BE SET TOO LOW. It is intended mainly as a brake to keep a runaway server from taking the system with it as it spirals down..."

Good luck.

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I am no UNIX guru, so I have a little choice but go with OS X S. I was thinking to get CommunigatePro as a mail server (beccause of great setup) and use build-in ftp server and build-in apache as a web server. All this on G3/300 beige tower with 640 Ram, I have doing nothing. My company has a lot of clients and sometimes maybe 2 or 3 will try to connect to ftp at the same time. My concern is that this is possible. I do not want to create 3 users, give it to my clients and tell them - if this one is busy, try that one and so on. My boss will be not to happy about that. I have to have anonymous access to ftp as Netpresenz I have now - I setup a user called "client" . When someone connects to it it connects as a "client1", next is "client2" and so on up to 100, than I have to restart Netpresenz, but It does what I want.


You saw the apache configuration file. It's true, and it explains itself. I run a commercial setup, and I could set my limit to 15 without harming anyone. Apache serves web pages, not file sharing. The config only affects web pages, and if you somehow have more than 150 simultaneous connections on your web server, that would make you Yahoo, and you should already know about apache. I'd recommend not mucking with that setting.

Not to be harsh, but your find has nothing to do with file sharing. I could use a GUI on locate though. :)


Apple's 10 user license does limit connections to the server to 10, but only the AFP clients.

Unlimited Web, ftp, mail, SMB, and number of users in netinfo...

So only Mac OS clients are limited.

note: NFS can be used to share to Mac OS X, unlimited by the way in 10 user...