OS X Server v1.2 - Memory vs. Performance


Does anyone know what kind of performance increase will be seen on OS X Server v1.2 (the old one) with the addition of large amounts of memory? (more than 128M)
I'm running Apache as a heavily hit web server.
Up to about 512mb on a G4 , quite alot. I stuffed 640mb up from 128mb in a G4 450 and the speed increase after was to say the least instantly noticeable.
I'm running OS X Server 1.2 on a B&W G3 450Mhz with 128Megs, I've ordered 256 more, so I'll post my results after it's installed...
thanks tsmith

I have added an extra 256mB to my original B&W G3/400 256mB ( memory prices are sooo cheap these days ), but haven't figured out how to tell if it's actually there. Is there a terminal cmd. to show this info.?
Also, the top cmd. in OSX 10.x is very nice, is there somoething like it in OSX Server 1.x?
If yo log into the GUI, go to the apple and go to "about workspace manager" it will tell you your postscript version, processor, and memory.

as far as "top" goes you can download a version from http://www.stepwise.com just go to the "softrak" section and search for top under OS X Server.