OS X Setup Assistant - for G4???


Is it possible to get the OS X Setup Assistant ( With the migration feature ) to install on a G4? I am speaking of the firewire transfer settings Setup Assistant that comes with the new G5's ( Running 10.3.4 or higher ) and also comes with Tiger.

The G4's I want to install and run this on is going to be at 10.3.9 not 10.4

I have tried Mimac, Carbon Copy, SynchronizeX and SilverKeeper to try and clone a new drive for this G4 with no luck. My last straw was to do a fresh OS X install and transfer settings, but I just found out that the Setup Assistant doesnt come installed on the G4's :-(

Has anyone got some tips or links so that I can get this to work? The machine is on a crossplatform network with active directory and multiple servers ( Both Windows and Mac OS X ) and I would hate to start off from scratch on this ..... too many settings, passwords, applications, preferneces to set that this wouild literally take me 2 days to get it all working, and it still wouldnt be right.

Problem is the user has a very small HD ( 10GB ) that is partitioned 3 times. Leaving him with a 2GB boot drive, that has little or no room for scratch disk. ( Graphic Artist in a advertising agency )
New drive is 80GB ( Partitioned 2ce .... 5GB "Emergency Drive" and 75GB working partition ) None of the "Clone" programs I have tried have worked. Every time I try and boot off the "clone" it just hangs .... spinning gear, never reaches desktop. If I could get the Setup Assistant with the firewire migration to work, I think that might do the trick.

Any suggestions, tips, links, etc ????