OS X Slow navigation on windows network shares.


On an out-of-the box MacBook Pro running 10.8 we ran into some issues when navigating file shares hosted on Windows servers. It would randomly take up to 60 seconds for the files/folders to populate in the finder window whenever you navigated to a different directory using smb://. Needless to say this is wasn't acceptable.

The mac is bound to AD using the system preferences utility. But the issue wasn't isolated to only networked accounts.

This is what I found fixes the issue.
From terminal run
sudo echo notify_off=yes >> /etc/nsmb.conf
Then run the "repair permissions" utility in the disk utility.
sudo diskutil repairPermissions /

*Note: it could have been just repairing permissions that fixed the issue but i couldn't reproduce the problem to test it without the config file.

** Also note: I ran the above commands with root and without using sudo. If you run into issues with the commands you may need to use sudo -i (I think that works for mac as well as linux), or log-in as root.