OS X Slowdown


Is it just me or does OS X feel slower after using it(a fresh install) after a month or so. My xbench results don't go down but overall responsiveness and performance seems to go down. I have no data to support this and I have not done any tests its just the way it feels. I'm sure some people will dismiss this as simply an illusion but if you have noticed and have a solution let me know. I feel it may be large caches and just more data on my drive for it to sift through but who knows.
well I've used onyx before but after a Kernel panic I gave it up. On top of that it does some needless stuff like updating prebindings, anything 10.3+ does that on the fly if I'm not mistaken but my PB obviously isnt running the nightly cron jobs because it ussually isn't on then. Maybe I'll give Yasu a try because those maintenance scripts really should be run.
Hi Weezer!

Have you tried MacJanitor??? It's FREE and can be downloaded from:
http://www.versiontracker.com Type MacJanitor into the Search box... it will take you directly to the download page :) The following is what MacJanitor does.
MacJanitor runs the system's 3 maintenance scripts.

Daily Script
If the rwho system has been configured, clear out the old files in /var/rwho
Clear out files old files and directories in the /tmp and /var/tmp directories
Remove system messages older than 21 days
If system accounting is on, process the accounting files and gather daily statistics
Backup the NetInfo database
Output the disk capacities and storage available
Show which filesystems haven't had 'dump' performed on them in a while (archaic)
Show accumulated network statistics and network uptime (ruptime)
Rotate the system.log file and restart the syslog process
Clear out the webserver log files older than a week
Run the /etc/daily.local script if it exists
Run a /etc/security check script if it exists

Weekly Script
If the /usr/libexec/locate.updatedb database exists, update the 'locate' database
If the /usr/libexec/makewhatis.local file exists, rebuilt the 'whatis' database
Rotate the following log files: ftp.log, lookupd.log, lpr.log, mail.log, netinfo.log
Restart the syslog process
Run the /etc/weekly.local script if it exists

Monthly Script
Run the login accounting process
Rotate the wtmp log files
Restart the syslog daemon
Run the /etc/monthly.local script if it exists

See if that helps!