OS X speech silliness


Here's something kind of silly. Go to the speech preferences panel and select the text-to-speech tab. Click on each voice in turn: each has a different short 'demo' speech.

I'm pretty sure this wasn't in 9; feel free to correct me scathingly if I'm wrong ;)

The unexploded tortilla is not worth eating.
The demos were in 9 mostly. I don't think most people realized it though.

for an equally silly thing try the speech recognition's jokes. They are cheesy but it is interesting.
Ha ha!
I remember those :p
the knock knock ones are cheesy but amusing :D

I tried using voice recognition with chess but it could not understand me :p

I also tried playing chess that way but I was only able to move the king or the queen evrey 15 time I tired.
It would be cool if it worked.
Why are apple shipping things that dosent work ;)
I've had no problems with speech recognition--even the chess program. I'm surprised Apple doesn't advertise it more. It was impressive even on my ancient 7100/80.

No offense to the efficient but oft-abused online typing styles, but if you talk the way you type, I think I've identified the source of your speech recognition problems.

Interesting to note is that the speech recognition improves as you use it. It will adapt to your style of talking. This is why if you try to use it on a friends computer who has been using it for months it won't recognize any of your commands but will work every time they say something.

I also like the new feedback window. I keep it docked most of the time I'm using it and I'm actually surprised its not a dockling.
I'd heard that Apple was dropping speech recognition in OS X because of problems in OS 9, but I'm glad to see they didn't. I've found speech recognition to be more reliable and stable in OS X than previous OS's.

I didn't know about the learning-as-you-go capabilities.

Why doesn't Apple talk about this in ads and stuff?

Well have you seen any commercials for Mac OS X yet? They may do one showing someone talking to the computer when its pre-installed this summer.

I can see it now, a commercial to sell an iMac showing some kid playing chess by talking to the computer.
You know it's the first time I'm using this and it's kinda neat. Does iListen in MacOS replace the "Apple Speakable Items" recognition system? Hrm

Also, is there a way to avoid pressing 'esc'? Seems if I keep it pressed all the time it works just as well.

Neat stuff, just need to tech it to "fetch pron"
After saying "Listen Continuously" you push esc to start, again to stop. It's a lot easier for me
Most of the speakable items are just property lists which tell OS X to type a key combo. I mean what's the point of that...would you rather say "Minimize this window" or "command emm"
Some other notes, the Internet Explorer speakable items aren't activated. I wonder why...better file a bug report.

Chess works except "dee" and "ee" get mixed up. I say "pawn e2 to e4" and 9/10 times it moves d2 to d4