OS X Startup Disk crashes


Please Help!

I tried the Mac OS X to OS 9 routine. Then went back again using System Disk. Now, when i click the Startup Disk in OS X Sys Prefs, is crashes immediately, all the time. How on earth am I going to get to Mac OS 9 again? (The classic environment starts up but nothing on the desktop, so I cannot disable the extension there).

thanx for any hints on this one.

iBook rev A, 128 MB, installed OS X over Mac OS 9
I had the same problem. A re-installing of OS X didn't help, even when it was on the same partition like OS 9.

Another question about booting: pressing the option key while booting should bring up an option to choose the startup system. On my G3 b&w 300 that doesn't work. The computer just attempted to reboot. Why that? On the G4 of a friend this works.

The only way getting back to OS 9 was by booting from an OS 9 CD and deleting OS X (because I tried to type "set-defaults" in the open firmware - so neither of the systems would boot).

Help! I like OS X very much, but without the possibility to return tu OS 9 in a normal way it's useless.

Thx, Jeremy