OS X Startup Tips


I have just installed 10-user OSX Server v2.0 in my prepress shop. I have some questions that someone with experience may be able to shed some light on.

a) Why isn't all (Apple) networking using TCP/IP, I'm showing speeds for moving, duplicating, etc. large files almost as fast as the stock internal IDE drive in a G4?.

b) Occasionally the server will boot a client for no apparent reason, the server icon remains greyed out on their desktop, and the server admin says their still there.

c) Can I use OS X server to connect to the internet through a DSL modem using PPPoe feature of OS X and have the server distribute internet access to the client machines (I currently use Vicom Internet Gateway, a software router, on a dedicated machine)

d) I bought the server solely to server files locally, and to spool printers. Is there something about this software which would be of benefit to me that I may not know about?. Can I host a website or FTP site with a dynamic IP?, is the mail server of use to me, there are only four of us and we already have a hosting service handling our email.

e) Is there a feature similar to Shreway IP in OS 9, which allows mounting volumes over the internet.

f) Is there anything like OS 9 Remote Access, which allows access to a whole LAN through dial up, printers and all, except doing it over the internet.

g) This server is used to serve large files (20 - 100 MB) to only 4 clients, rarely would the server ever see more that 2 large transfers simultaneously. The Server runs on a G4/400 (sawtooth board) w/ 512 MB RAM, a 30 GB internal IDE drive (stock), and two IBM Ultra ATA 75 GB drives in a striped (Level 0) (making one 150 GB volume) array using a Sonnett dual channel hardware RAID card. Is there anything about this configuration that is slowing me down, is there anything redundant, not doing any good (too much RAM, no need for a RAID 0, etc)

h)Are there way I can make the server more stable/lower maintainance, etc. because I use it only to server files and print spooling?.

i) Can I use the OS X Server install CD to install just OS X, without the server?

J) I would appreciate any input on these topics, or others which you feel may help me avoid what you struggled through.


Doug L