OS X Suggestions & feedback


How about an OS X suggestions forum?

I use NT at work and OSX at home, and I have many suggestions, improvements, etc as I'm sure many others have too. I'm sure we can all see benefits in all OS's, so if we can pick out the best bits, we can help to make X truly the best OS today.

We could post a suggestion, reason(s) behind it, benefits etc, and then discuss it.

perhaps also a co-ordinated effort to send really useful feedback to Apple, and posting where apple employees may comment.

I could start the ball rolling with a few dozen suggestions...

finder column view should allow resize anywhere in column separator, not just at bottom. dbl clicking on the column (or any column within any application) should resize it to the largest width
reason: shouldn't have to move to bottom when any part of column is naturally selectable. dbl click (as per NT) is logical to max size column, option dbl click to apply to all columns

what do you all think?