OS X Theme for Netscape 6 X?


I love Netscape 6.1's speed and everything... it's a very fine browser, but it's only problem is the way it looks... The "Modern" theme just isn't doing it for me.

Is there a Netscape theme that will make it look more Mac OS X-ish?
There was one available, but I think Apple Legal gave them a hard time over it. And I don't remember where it was located.
You could try doing a Google search for it.
*jaw drops* You're kidding me. How stupid is that? I'm trying to make Netscape more Mac-like... it's not like it's an OS 9 Kaleidescope theme to make the whole system look like X, I'm just trying to make one app match the rest of the OS.... Heck, if they're pissy about that, then why aren't they going after OmniGroup for making OmniWeb look like the rest of OS X?

Oh well, thanks, I shall search using Google.
Apple's main beef was that, since it wouldn't actually be using Apple's interface (just a skin that looked like it) it wouldn't be a true match. In fact, they were working with someone to get Mozilla and Netscape to actually use the Aqua interface instead of just a skin, but the last I heard the person who was working on it didn't have the time to actually put the information to use. Bummer.