Os X Tiger And Lacie Drives


Copying large video files from one LaCie Bigger Disk (1 TB) drive to another - at 3.29 GB copied the system hangs up and a message tells me to hold down the power button for several sefconds to re boot.

G5 with two 2.0 mhz G5 processors, drives connected with firewire 800, one drive connected to FW800 port, other connected to first drive.

Tried the following options, with similar results:
connecting one of the LaCie drives directly to computer via Firewire (one FW 800, one FW 400). Copying the file to the internal hard drive from one of the LaCie disks.

LaCie drives have firmware v 1.07(BgrD). They preceded the acquisition of the G5.

The G5 has an internal 400GB drive, 2 MB memory.

Any ideas?