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I've been using OS X for a while now, and there's been one thing bugging me.. it's the View Options! I'm changing all my views to have bigger icons (they're just so dang beautiful and lickable! ;) ), but I have to do them all manually!! Even though I have a global setting, almost all of them are not using it since they've been created WAY before I ever installed OS X. :mad:

So this is my question: is there some way that I can "copy" these settings to all enclosing folders, like you can with priveleges? Or is there some way to force all folders use the global settings, and then I can change certain folders to individual settings on a case-by-case basis?

Any solution will work -- I'm willing to jump into the terminal (I do it quite a lot), so if you have ANY way to do besides doing it manually, don't hesitate to suggest ANYTHING. :p

Thanks for any help.
In Finder preferences on 10.1, there is a checkbox that reads "Keep windows view the same when opening other folders in the window".
This wasn't in 10.4, and I was quite happy to see it in the upgrade. Hope this is what you want!
Well, that kinda helped... but kinda not.

I never thought to look in the preferences of the Finder (silly me), but now that I can have the toolbar open AND all windows open in a new window, I have the same problem again... the global view options are still not used by all folders (they're only forced to when using the same window), and I have to change them manually.

By the way, where'd you get 10.4? Did you go to the future to get it? :p