OS X vs Windows 2000/XP



I don't want to start one of these endless discussions...

I read a several places that people think that Windows (2000/XP) is "a form of" Unix. E.g. in
a guy from some technology consultancy claims that "The Windows 2000 (news - web sites) core and (OS X's) Unix core have a lot more similarity than the old Mac OS did with Windows" - what ever this means...
[OK, it's comparative, so OS X is closer...]

As far as I know the origin of Windows 2000/XP is OpenVMS from Digital Equipment Corporation. Thus Windows NT/2000/XP is _NOT_ that close to Unix.

Am I right?

I think that it is one of the biggest advantage of OS X that the OS X core is very close to Solaris and Linux. Porting applications whithin the triangle MacOS X - Solaris - Linux is easy. Thus OS X _could_ benefit form the professional server stuff running on Solaris and the OpenSource power...