OS X w/out monitor?



i'm trying to run OS X 10.1 (non -server) w/out a monitor. i'd like to put it in a rack and use it as a server (my network monitoring software runs on OS X).

however, when there is no monitor attached to the system, OS X seems to choke... not all my services start up, and it doesn't log in the default user...

From my /var/log/system.log --
Oct 23 19:19:19 sentinel WindowServer[260]: WindowServer error: No screen drivers were loaded.
Oct 23 19:20:01 sentinel /System/Library/CoreServices/loginwindow.app/loginwindow: kCGErrorFailure : CGSNewConnection cannot connect to server

Any ideas on how to get around this? Is there a way to get OS X to use some kind of "default" display or screen if no monitor is attached to the system?

1) get a cheap and small monitor

2) attach a converter.... those little VGA to the larger (old)mac standard system thing.

Macosrumors.com had the same problem, but OS X couldn't tell if there was an actual monitor or a converter in the VGA port. Those things are cheap too ($10-15 US)
i don't get it... am i supposed to just have a small monitor in the cage at colocation?

besides, this G3 is already VGA...