Os X_fonts


What are the required fonts for your system folder for OS X? I'm getting different answers from different sources.
Please advice.
What specific version(s) of MacOS X are you inquiring about?
Not all versions of MacOS X come with the same number / types of fonts.

MacOS X 10.2.0's '/System/Library/Fonts/' folder contains 25 fonts, 10.3.4 - 10.3.9's contains 27 fonts, and 10.4.0 - 10.4.2's contains 32 fonts.

Once you specifiy the version(s) of MacOS X, a list would be supplied.
OSX 10.4 = Font's: The ones from the System at the top that do NOT have a language next to them (Geneva, Monaco, etc...)

Basically any font in your main System/Font folder other than the foreign language fonts are required by either the System or some Apple-installed apps.
As far as I know, the one you should NEVER inactivate is Lucida Grande if you want your system to keep going! Otherwise, Helvetica and Helvetica New are also needed by some apps.