OS Xb and Alsoft's Plus Maker/Maximizer for HFS+ ?


Has anyone loaded OS X Beta on a volume which was optimized with Alsoft's Plus Maker (HFS to HFS+ file system conversion) or Plus Maximizer for HFS+ volumes, which can get the HFS+ block size down to as low as .5K (512 bytes per block)? I'm particularly interested in the Maximizer info. I need to convert my Lombard's Mac HD volume to HFS+ (God knows why it didn't come that way from Apple, unless some yutz reformatted it before it was assigned to me).

Anyway, has anyone tried this? And what's the story? Thanks.
I read your post, and I became very curious. So I rebooted to MacOS 9 and tried to run Plus Optimizer.

Don't do this. It won't work. I got excited when it showed both drives, but as soon as it began to defragment it stopped with the error that the drive contained special directories. (Note I am running each operating system on different partitions. I don't see any reason why it would work with one partition either).

Too bad too, it's looking kinda fragmented.
Yes, I'd read somewhere else that OS X doesn't like to be messed with by "Classic Mac" disk utilities, such as Norton. However, what I want to do is use Plus Maker, and possibly Plus Maximizer BEFORE I install the OS X Beta. I have posed this question to Alsoft, waiting for a response now.
I know of people who did this before. It should work fine. Once you are done with Plus Maker/Maximizer, your volume will be a standard HFS+ volume ready for OS X install.

I'd go for it.
I received the following reply from AlSoft. It looks like a go:

PlusMaker 1.2.0will convert disks that are standard format to extended format while the computer is started from Mac OS 9.0.4 or earlier. It will not convert disks while the computer is started from Mac OS X. If an accidentally attemped to convert a disk while started from Mac OS X is made then PlusMaker will error out and the disk will not be altered in any way.A disk that was convert to the extended format with PlusMaker or PlusMaximizer will function without a problem when used under Mac OS X. PlusMaximizer will not work through the standard interface of Mac OS X.