OS10.1-how i Like it


so far it is much better than 10.0.4 .
I am not to much on the techinical source but I can navigate it in all I need to do!
I do hope they will get a book out on it
Yes, it's much better than the Beta. I was so put off by that, that I probably wouldn't have bothered to try again, except that my new Mac came with 10.1

It is faster, and less irritating. Classic works MUCH better. It still isn't as intuitive as OS9 (or Windoze for that matter) - and I continue to miss the Apple menu.

What else is missing? ...

Well I can't use my printer (it's not supported), my ADSL modem
(no drivers) and many key apps like ProTools.

No doubt these things will come in time ...

And one (small) bug, bugs me. Every time I swap between OSX and OS 9.2 my date & time settings are scrambled. How does this happen?
10.1 is very cool.
If you don't have it yet,
Then here's a list of things you will like,

Imagine applications opening at a max of 5 bounces and a min of 1/2.
If you have columns, you can resize them,
Put your dock at left, right, or just bottom.
Burn CD's at the top of your toolbar!
Turn your clock into a icon.
Connect to the internet by the click of a button in the menu bar.
New minimizing effect! Called Scale, it just shrinks right into your dock!
The new login window is very cool!;)
Bigger and brighter apple at the top left of the screen!:rolleyes:
Start up is a cinch!
You can now let the computer speak to you in text edit!:p
If you have a scroll weel on your mouse, you can use it in windows, and menus!

Well I hope you like it (I sure did!)
I havent had any problem with time or date changes by switching from one or the other.
I posted the dock on the left side ad that seems better too!
what apple menu osX has sor far has been sufficent for me,
Im sure there is probabably a way to stick more things in it .
some one else will have to come up with thsat one
the new apple menu is somewhat like the windoze start menu....
I'd also rather like to get the old apple menu from os 9 back, maybe wit some additional features like grouping of items and stuff like that...

also my apple menu often hangs when i copy a huge amount of files over the network. but i can still switch to other apps than the one where the apple menu is hanging, und use the other menus at the same time :D looks kina weird but well... thats real multitasking.

unfortunately, my os 10.1 hangs up everytime i try to force an app wit an open menu to quit. Theres no kernel panic, just everything freezes. Even ssh'ing into my mac over the network will break after that. :confused:
hey i was running into that same problem when i would switch back and forth my problem was that i had the timezone wrong in one or the other. just a though!!!!
Originally posted by Myke

Well I can't use my printer (it's not supported), my ADSL modem


for the printer, I'm affraid it is true, but the modem ... ?

I don't understand how your modem is not supported ... ?

For me, I hust plugged the modem by the ethernet card, set the network preference in the preference panel, and 30 sec later, I was on the Net.

I really don't get how your ADSL Modem is not supported... you need drivers or software with OS X 10.1 !!!!!


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