OS9 desktop folder


i have a problem (of course)...
in OSX 10.1 (and in 10.0.4, 10.0.3 ecc) i can't see os9.1 desktop folder in my boot partition. this is the same for both os9.1 and X 10.1.
with "super get info" (for example) i can see it. it says that desktop folder isn't invisible, but in the finder its icon appear "dimmed".
for the other disk's partitions is all ok.
what can i do?

Thank and bye

When you first install OS X, it should have put an alias to your OS 9 Desktop on the OS X Desktop. If you've deleted or lost this, here is how you can get it back:

Open up a Terminal, and type the following:

cd ~/Desktop
ln -s /Desktop\ Folder Desktop\ \(Mac\ OS\ 9\)

The first line switches to the Desktop of the current user's home directory (you can change this to any directory that is convenient for you). The "~" is a shortcut to your home directory.

The second line creates a soft link (not exactly the same as an alias, but close enough) to the Desktop Folder. The name of the link will end up being "Desktop (Mac OS 9)". The backslashes are used to denote characters that the terminal would normally have problems with (space and parentheses).

You should be able to use this link to open up your desktop folder. Note that if you move this link to a different directory, it appears to break. There is probably a way to create a proper alias with the terminal, but if so I don't know it yet.