os9 drive permissions


I have two partitions: one OS9 drive and one OSX drive. Everything is separate, and I use the os9 drive's system for classic under X.

There are two issues. 1) I need an easy, automated way of giving every file on the os9 drive permissions that allow me (admin) to read/write them using osx. The problem is, the "copy permissions to all subfolders" feature is only for folders (obviously). I need to make all files read/write. Alternatively, most files on os9 that were created before osx installation have an owner of "system". I need to be the owner, or at least have permission. One example of why this is bad: I can't open many apps in classic, such as quark, because it doesn't have write access to the prefs file, it prevents me from opening the app. In addition, I can't save over docs on my os9 drive that I don't have permission for. Very bad. I know I can individually set permissions for a file using root, but that is inconvenient for ALL my files!

In an attempt to solve this issue, I checked the "ignore permissions on this drive" for os9 drive. Big Mistake. After restarting, and launching classic I get a message that osx needs to add components to os9 system folder (which were actually already there). After this, classic crashes and won't start. I restart into os9 and I get an error after startup saying Finder can't start up because it cannot find "DragLib" which doesn't seem to exist in any installation I've seen. arg.