Os9 Problems Under Os 10


My G5 with Tiger has been working well in both modes (classic and 10.4) since I got it in July, and I've kept software current w/various updates. However, lately my MS Office 2001 applications have been acting up. Booting up, and downloading mail under Entourage prompts a can't do response (something about TCP/IP settings. Restarting 9 takes care of the problem. Word seems to randomly and instantaneously crash 9 upon opening documents (launching Word and double-clicking a document), Using "open with" Word 9.0.6, although I haven't figured out the pattern as to why certain documents trigger crashes and others don't. (Usually after rebooting, launching word and opening from within the application, I have success). Any idea what the problem is?


Word to the wise: Upgrade Office 2001 to Office 2004. You are running a Microsoft suite on an OS that is difficult than was intended. You are just asking for trouble and you are getting it.