OS9 shuts down improperly


I have been having this problem since the beta.

After using launches in OSX as you normally would, and after you shut down your computer and login again, and the next time OS9 launchs or the next time I boot into OS9, it checks the disk for errors because i says it was not shut down properly. It appears OSX when terminating OS9 is not doing it quite correctly. Has anyone else been having this problem?

The only time I have avoided this problem is when I have gone into the OS9 control panel and ending the OS my self, then shutting down the computer. Its kind of a lame way to do it. OSX should shut it down properly.
This was the one problem I reported during the public beta period. Guess apple didn't seem to think it needed to be addressed.
Yes I have been having this problem too. This is just another in the many problems I've been experiencing since I installed OSX!
I've got it, too, in osX 10.0 & 9.1. I'm guessing it's a non-issue, or it'd have gotten looked into (I, & others, left that feedback, too). I leave the General Controls option on, & let it go over itself if I've got to open into OS 9.1 instead of X; & I'm guessing it ought to be okay like this.

i have been haveing the smae problem, although after the first few times it has done this.. i have simply started to cancel the action.. everything else seems to be running fine.. before installing osx, my 9.1 was running like crap, but it is running better than ever now. although one major problem i have been having is i get no sound out of osx, unless i boot 9.1 first, then restart and log into osx.. wierd.. anyone else?