OSX.1- apps taking 40+ bounces to load.


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bustawustadeelio? i was up for 8 days, and things started to lag. the minimize effects were slowing down, etc. so i restarted. now everything takes three billion years to load (but minimize effects work great! ^_^). system prefereces has been bouncing since i started the computer, and it's still bouncing. mail.app took around 40 bounces to load.
any ideas?

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When things in the Library folder of a user goes corrupt weird things start happening. I have had a similar problem with 10.0.?. Creating a new user fixed it.

Or just rename your Library folder (sudo mv ~user/Library ~user/Library.old), log back in (new Library is created) and replace the prefs you do not want adjust manually.

Do you have a background task like SETI gobbing up CPU time? Have you ran disk first aid?
i attempted reboot into OS 9, and got the wonderful system folder with the question mark upon restart. i couldn't get my computer to boot- so i booted up with my X cd- which decided that i needed to reinstall X.1. neat. so i did, and now everything's back to how it was before-- still taking a thousand years to open any program (all my icons are back to normal and itunes2 is gone ~_~...).
for future reference- how do i boot from the install cd and get to all the stuff that disk utility is talking about? all it lets me do is... well, install.
i'm going to fsck -y my machine to death now. updates tomorrow, film at 11.

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well, i did the fsck -y thing and everything "seems OK". oh boy. i did the library backup and it worked like a charm ^_^. everything's just as fast as when i first installed X.1. hopefully i don't have to do this too often. but hey, cleaning out the library can't hurt.
i checked console- and there was a lot of text there. um, other than a few registration problems, everything seemed in order. but then again, i'm not very perceptive.
thanks for the help- hopefully it doesn't happen again.

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