OSX 10.1 on FTP/Web in UK



I am struggling to get hold of the 10.1 update through various channels in the UK. I have tried both the Apple Store and Apple Education Store and no joy. Some kind soul had it on their FTP server, but it is in the US and speed is slow.

Does anyone in the UK have the 10.1 update on their Web or FTP server or is anyone prepared to help out an eager IT Technician ...!


Richard Angstmann
IT Technician
University of Sunderland
If you're really eager then go find an Apple Centre and pick a copy up . Loads of them have still got them. Otherwise,if you're not as eager as yo say you are, you'll have to wait.

Two options for you:

www.maczone.co.uk - these will ship you one next day for £14.95


Gordon harwood computing - these guys are based in Derby. they are shipping one to me when they come in tomorrow. It cost me £2.50 put I asked for first class mail so it will cost £3.50. I know the £3.50 is a bit excessive to ask for the licking of a 1st class stamp but it beats apple's £14 and a six to eight week wait. (Phone number is 01773 836781)