OSX 10.1 Server - Problems with FTP Server


I am having an FTP problem connecting to my site and I can't figure it out. I have been talking with Frank from Adobe, because I am a Golive 6 beta tester and thought it was a Golive problem. He seems to think it is an 10.1 Server problem, or something wrong with my machine. Basically I just have a lot of trouble deleting folders with any FTP client I try. I also have problems uploading nested folders.

The problem is that if Golive and any other ftp client tries to delete a folder first it tries to change the working dir into that folder and then deletes all files in there with the FTP Delete command (DELE). After the folder has no more contents Golive goes back to the directory containing that folder and executes then FTP RemoveDir command (RMD). Here is the bug. The FTP server doesn't interpret this comand correctly and answers with somewhat like 'can't determine cwdir. Permission denied'. So, if I try to delete this folder from ftp the command line with the delete command, then it works. But this behaviour is not according to the FTP Specs. Maybe you find a configuration in the ftp server which allows the server to handle 'RMD' commands correctly.