OSX (10.3.9) won't boot


Hi, new here so I will try and explain myself as best i can.
I've cocked up.. royally.
After installing Extensis Suitcase X1 earlier today and attempting to run the app a dialogue with progress bar displayed informing me that 'Suitcase is initializing. this may take a few moments'. The app hung here, so after searching online I found info. from extensis for this particular problem and discovered that this was apparently due to having too many fonts installed.
Blindly following instruction, against my better judgement, I removed practically all of my system>library>fonts and relocated them to a folder on my desktop along with all of my user>library>fonts. I also disabled my unsanity software in the process which then required a reboot to come into effect.
After rebooting my system will no longer get past the startup bar in the boot panel!
It slides along, almost to the end but will not get past this stage and due to the fact that all of my fonts save two are now not working, I cannot view any information as to what stage of startup it is hanging on ie. network configuration etc.
I have attempted booting in safe mode to no avail and am at work without my os x CD.
Does anyone know any way I can get my system up so i can remedy the offending font problem?
All help is vv.appreciated,
Thanks in advance,
Do you know specifically the names of the folders you placed the '/System/Library/Fonts/' and '~/Library/Fonts/' fonts into?, they were not posted.

And since you stated 'without my OS X CD' I am guessing you are running 10.0.x, 10.1.x, 10.2.x, or 10.3.x. It is always nice to provide which System / MacOS X version one has.


If I were you I would try to boot into 'single user' mode.
Reboot the Mac and have the 'Command' and' S' keys pressed (and kept pressed until the pre-1984 Macintosh screen of command lines appears).

In this example, I will assume you placed the '/System/Library/Fonts/' fonts into a 'Desktop' folder titled 'Untitled folder', and the '~/Library/Fonts' fonts into a 'Desktop' folder titled 'Untitled folder 2'.
Naturally, if you titled your folders differently - use those names in place of 'Untitled folder' and 'Untitled folder 2' below.

At the command line prompt enter:

mv ~/Desktop/'Untitled folder 2'/* ~/Library/Fonts/; sudo mv ~/Desktop/'Untitled folder'/* /System/Library/Fonts/

... and press the <return> key. If asked for a password, enter your Mac's administrator's password (and press the <return> key).

All the font files should be placed back into their corresponding folders.
At the command line prompt enter "reboot" and press the <return> key.

Reply with your progress.
I'm running 10.3.9 panther, if you direct your attention to the top of the screen you will see this information in the title of the thread.
I can't remember precisely the names of the folders i placed my fonts into, i think they were systemfonts and userfonts respectively but whether they had spaces seperating them or not, i do not know.
Is there any way of browsing my desktop to find the names of these folders (something similar to DOS' dir command)?
Thanks for your help, I figured there would be a way of moving the files from command line but couldn't find the correct syntax
Indeed, about the OS version listed in the title. No excuses, I saw the title; but, then focused on the message's content. it was that simple.

Anyway, when the command line prompt appears (after rebooting with 'Command' and S pressed), enter

cd ~/Desktop; ls -ls

... and press the <return> key.

At this point, all items on your 'Desktop' will be listed.

As noted in my first reply's command line code - 'Untitled folder' and 'Untitled folder 2' are surrounded by single quotes. This is a cleaner way to enter volume(s), folder(s), and file(s) names which include spaces, then ...

"Untitled\ folder" and "Untitled\ folder\ 2" (just pretend the double quotes are not there).

Once you press the <return> key (after entering "cd ~/Desktop; ls -ls"), and you see what items (files and folders) are on your 'Desktop', I am sure you will recall the folders you created for the respective Fonts folder's fonts.

Just replace your folders names for 'Untitled folder' and 'Untitled folder 2' (in "mv ~/Desktop/'Untitled folder 2'/* ~/Library/Fonts/; sudo mv ~/Desktop/'Untitled folder'/* /System/Library/Fonts/").

You are fortunate that you used separate folders.