Osx 10.3 Server Opendirectory Config.plist



Having a problem with a 10.3 server which is setup as an Open Directory Master. The admin account seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth.

I can't authenticate to the WorkGroup Manager as admin only an account that has admin rights, ie mine.

I drag out the "Open Directory Config.plist" from the Server Admin GUI from the effected server and one from a test box that I loaded up and below is what is missing from the Live Server.


I also notice that in WGM on the test box the admin account is present in the LDAPv3 directory but not on the Live Server.

This is also stopping me create a replica server as I can't authenticate to the ODMaster.

I'm using this server to manage about 230 user accounts and I'm getting worried that I haven't got a replica.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.