Osx 10.4 Server Routing/gateway Problems


The Scenario:
1) DHCP seems to be working properly
2) DNS seems to be working properly
3) We have an XServe(IP behind a BSD Box(with a Linux
box between them, IP The BSD box(IP is
already running NAT so that our machines can all access the internet
via one IP address. We are trying to set the XServe up to be a router
between the machines it serves and the BSD box.

We have tried several things, including trying it dry(no routing or
NAT), with NAT, w/o NAT with IP forwarding, toying with the Firewall
Settings. We have 2 ethernet ports, we have tried reordering them
both on the network ports configuration panels and toying with their
firewall settings. Nothing is working; we cannot even ping apple.
The BSD box is working fine; machines on our Linux box have internet
access. I've looked online, consulted the server guide as well as my
little visualbasic reference, and have tried everything I've found to
no avail. Any suggestions?