OSX 10.7.5 New Folder Privileges


I have a 2.8G Quad-Core running 10.7.5 with dual Hard drives; a Mac HD and a Data Drive. I share the Data Drive with two other Macs running 10.5.8.

Whenever I create a new folder on either the Mac HD or the Data Drive I get R&W privileges for my user account, and Read only for the other accounts. I've used the 'get info' command to change all privileges for individual folders to R&W for all users, and used the gear to 'apply to enclosed items' to the entire drive, but files across multiple applications are still opening as Read Only.

Here is some more details for full disclosure; The Data Drive used to be in one of the other shared computers and I didn't have any problems until recently moving the Data Drive over to the 'new machine' with 10.7.5

When I create a new folder locally I get R&W for "csp2 (me)" and Read Only for 'staff' and 'everyone'

When I create a new folder on the Data Drive from the shared machines I get R&W for 'nobody' and Ready only for 'admin' and 'everyone'

All these drives should be open and not have any access privileges. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.