Osx 4.0 Tiger On Imacg4 - Many Problems


Upgraded from Panther 10.3.9
installed new system folder and archived old one
Had many problems since

- cannot activate airport
-cannot fully download updates(downloads thru Safari or SW update but never mounts or completes- just keeps spinning) - so I can't try to upgrade to 10.4.2
-When attempting to open Disk utility it opens then immediately quits
-often starts up and presents a console (Darwin) login not regular OSX login

-System preferences - either I cannot unlock the permissions padlock OR the padlock is open and when I attempt to make a change ie. set up network prefs. the padlock, locks and I cannot reopen in - I have to reboot again to try and start again!

Zapped PRAM, started in safe mode, started from disk and ran disk utilities - permissions and repair disk - all with no luck
Any ideas??