OSX .4, iTunes, Zip CDR USB not burning


I have searched these message boards for this problem but have found nothing so i pose the problem here. I am running the newest version of OS X on my Wallstreet powerbook. I cannot, for the life of me burn a CD to my Iomega Zip CDR 650 (USB) from iTunes 1.1.1. In my preferences, ITunes SEES the drive but when i try to burn music i get the "Burner or software not found" error from iTunes. I see that people are having success burning CD's, if at only 2X speed but that's even better than where i'm at right now. I have no problem burning cd's from 9.1 but wanted to burn from OS X as you could imagine. Any help would be very appreciated.


400Mhz Powerbook G3 (Walstreet)
OS 9 and OS X on same partition
Zip CDR 650
Lexmark E310
Logitech Mouse
Apple External Keyboard
Zip Drive
Microtek Scanmaker 3700