OSX and iBook: slow forever?


I'm considering purchasing a new iBook now that OSX is progressing along. I've heard that OSX is VERY slow on the new iBook (it was even slow on the G4 desktop I tried). I'm wondering if people feel this slowness is due to a) inherent slowness of (the not yet optimized) OSX or b) the iBook itself. More specifically, do people think the new iBooks will eventually run OSX quickly when OSX is faster, or is the new iBook simply not powerful enough to really ever run OSX properly? Thanks in advance!

My iBook (which isn't even as fast as the new one) runs OS X fine. It's not the iBook at all; according to a article on http://www.thinksecret.com, 10.1 will be as fast or faster than OS 9.

But you might want to wait a few days though, there might be new iBooks at this MW (even if there isn't, the iBooks shipped after it will come preinstalled with the most up to date OS X version, which will save you some downloading).
Mr. Mac X and I both have 320Mb of RAM. This is a must. You'll notice an incredible difference in speed, although it wont be up to par with OS 9. Its cheap and plentiful, go get some...

Great, thanks alot. I figured in an additional 256megs of RAM, so I'd have a total of 384...seems like opinion is that 384 should be plenty for OSX and then OSX will run just fine once it is optimized. Thanks.

X.I is very fast...It launched a not yet released version of IE in 2 seconds, and sherlock in less than a full bounce in the dock. Of course I think that was on a one of the new 800 dual G4's with RAM to the moon, but hey...you get the idea. I'd say definitly wait for the new ibook (if you do you won't have rev A!) or at least wait for X.I in September. But, According to my friend who has a pismo powerbook G3 he looses 2 hrs of battery on his laptop when he is in X. So, I think apple need to do to X what they did to Mac OS 8.6. Find good ways to conserve battery on powerbooks. just something to consider.