OSX and the Ibook


I am currently contemplating purchasing an iBook Se, the 466 g3 and installing OSX on it. I'm going to have 192 MB of RAM. Does anyone know how well OSX will perform? RG
I have the first edition 300 mhz iBook with 288 mb of RAM and OS X installed. It seems to run quite well on my machine. I do have the OS X 10.0.1 update which did make a big difference in speed and seeing as how you would have a faster one, I am sure it will run just great.
I have an ibook 466 with 310mb or RAM and OS X runs as smootth as can be, even snappier than my iMac. I don't think that the extra RAM would make much difference.
I've got a 300MHz Tangerine iBook with a mere 64MB RAM :eek:
but it runs X just fine... slowly... but just fine. I have to give this bad boy some RAM or I'm gonna go nuts.
I'm running it on a 300 mhz iBook with 192 mb RAM and it runs beautifully. No problems to report. It is not for amateurs though, yet, so don't get upset if you have a pile of peripherals that you expect to work immediatley and they don't. For day to day use it is wonderful though. I use AppleWorks 6.04 and IE 5 all the time. They work great. It is fun learning to use the Terminal window to tweak things. I also recommend Fire, if you are into using an IM client. It works perfectly as a replacement for my Yahoo chat program. I can chat with my Yahoo buddies and the app actually works better than Yahoo's app for OS 9, which they have not updated in way too long.
It works just fine on my 466 with 320meg ram. Having the computer be awake from sleep before it's finished opening is great
I have an iBook 366MHZ Firewire. Not too impressed. Very unstable with OS 9...OK on OS X but I would not recommend it. If you can only afford an iBook I guess I'd say go for it, but if you can some how fork over the rest for a titanium, there is no excuse.


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