OSX apps constantly crash, quits to login screen


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I was thrilled to get my hands on a Pismo, as I had a Wallstreet and OSX was painfully slow on the Wallstreet. I installed OSX on my Pismo and it's been nothing but trouble.

First off, every app crashes when I launch it. I'm talking IE, OmniWeb, System Preferences, Terminal, Classic . . . Other times I can work in an app, only to suddenly be thrown out to a login screen again.

I ran software update and am at 10.0.4. I can find no firmware update for the Pismo which makes me think it's got the latest already applied.

However, booting into OS 9.1 everything works fine there. Not a problem in the world.

I didn't have any of these problems on the Wallstreet and can't find any info on Apple's site or other forums. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm desparate here . . . :(

Pismo 500 w/256M RAM and 20G IBM TravelStar, 14.1" screen
I didn't consider hardware b/c things worked fine under 9, but on a whim I took out the ram chip under the logic board and put in a new one from a ThinkPad. Mac works perfectly now. Unfortuantely, it goes all haywire again if I put any type of RAM chip in the upper slot--I put an identical, new chip in as well as various others. This new behavior occurs under OS9 as well.

So I can write the initial problem off as flaky RAM. I'm going to send this back to Apple, since the RAM came from them. Have them look into why I can't use RAM in the second slot. Thanks for the pointer.