OSX Beta on G3 Upgraded 7600?


I have a 7600 with an XLR8 ZIF adaptor card with a 400mhz G3, 112m of ram and a second 1gig hard drive with OS 8.6 installed on it. I would install OSX on that drive. I don't want to upgrade to 9.04. My other hard drive has 8.6 with all my applications and I don't want to touch it. Thanks.
As far as I know you need Mac OS 9 to run the "Classic" features. And it's not even sure you can't run OS X on your upgraded machine either... you have to keep an eye out on http://www.xlr8.com/ site since they probably need to fix some software/driver for their upgrade cards. I have the same problem with my upgraded PM 9600 (also XLR8 CarrierZif™).

I'm also wondering about the high memory demands. Will OS X gulp up all 128 MB and you're left with nothing else for other applications or what? I'm on the edge of not making the memory requirements since I only have 160 MB on the PowerMac and 192 MB on my PowerBook G3 (firewire).
128 MB of RAM is recommended so that you don't beat up
your hard drive swapping memory pages in an out all the
time. More RAM is even better.

Ever see a Windows machine do this? It's caled "thrashing" when the OS spends most of its time swapping memory pages to/from the hard drive. This is a symptom of not enough RAM. The hard drive light is almost solid
for an extended period.

Mac OS X has a virtual memory system which gives each
application 4GB of virtual memory; that's the way it looks
to the app. The OS handles allocation and memory management
as necessary.

You can probably get by with less RAM but then expect to
replace your hard drive a lot more.

Actually, RAM is pretty cheap (under $1/MB). This not
only will save your hard drive but because more of the code is in RAM, your system will run faster.

Hope this helps... ;-)
I can't be certain but I think the issue is running your classic apps (those not yet "carbonized" on OS X).

In system 9.04 (which is much more stable than even 8.6 BTW) I think there are more improvements so that the classic environment will run flawless on OS X.

If you are going to get more RAM for OS X, and it appears you have more than enough, the upgrade to OS 9.04 should be painless.

Hope this helps, ;-)
As of this Beta, it will NOT work on your upgraded 7600. Only machines from the beige G3 and up. Funny, all the upgrade card companies are selling like crazy. Apple has always stated they won't allow OS X to run on anytrhing less than a real G3. Let's hope it changes.
... and yet they all say that their cards WILL run Mac OS X. I've heard of at least three companies saying they will be working with OS X, Newer Technologies, PowerLogix, XLR8 and Sonnet has all said in pressreleases (this spring/summer) that their products will work with OS X.

However it might take time before they've gotten the drivers ready.
i think OSX on pre-G3 should be a new main forum instead of sub-topic.

i'm sure it will be one of the most popular issues here. (for the rest of us)