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  • Omniweb

  • Mozilla

  • Opera

  • Icab

  • Other/er..., I don't do the Internet, I got this poll through the post!

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Okay okay,

I know I am conducting the popularist polls on here, but, this one is probably one of the most unresolved issues for OSX users everywhere.

My question is (and read it carefully): which browser WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE WIN the browser competition for OSX? (I don't mean which one is currently the best)!:)
oooohh, those anti-aliased screens!

Now if they could just make it faster and with better standards, wouldn't it be nice to show our Windoze friends!:D
In 10.1, you can disable the anti-aliasing. Its in the General Controlpanel (I'm not calling it a system preference yet.... ;-)

Has anyone tried the mach/mozilla port (not the one ported from os9, this is the carbon gui with the unix back end)? I'm gona give the compile a shot tonight.


--=Check it out=--

I really think that the omni group will quite soon step on ie's toes... can't wait!

oh, and links rocks!
All the browsers are working quite well right now. Which also means that all of them have their flaws.

Don't forget that IE6 on Win XP has better Antialiasing on LCD screens than OmniWeb on OS X. We DON'T show off until Adobe licenses CoolType to Apple for Antialiasing in OS X.

Mozillas Tab-Feature rules anyway.
Here's the dilly:

Certainly one of the better resources to find the programs that we talk about here can be found on versiontracker.com

Mozilla is at mozilla.org
Netscape is you guessed it! netscape.com
IE microsoft.com
omniweb is at omnigroup.com

I suggest trying all of them. Usually it's a matter of preference as to what browser you use, but... IMO, OmniWeb rocks it right now... :p
Now if Omni licensed gecko, made it do anti-aliasing, we would have some hot cha cha on our hands... Otherwise, Moz is, a little slow in launch speed but page rendering, hands-down whups up on the competition. Pretty good standards compliance helps too. Omni 4.1 however is lookin like a mean cup of tea, props go out to the Omni group on that beautiful browser.


[edit: spellng errers :p]
IE crashes
Mozilla good CSS but slow + crashes
OmniWeb nice render but slooow
iCab bad render
Opera nice but no mouse scroll

I'm still looking for a browser...
I want anyone to win except MS. I want AA text like in Omni, however Omni has a long way to go and the other browsers are not AA text so the web looks ugly. Argh.
I've been using OmniWeb 4.1 Sneaky Peak 1 since I saw the link to it here earlier in the week. I am thoroughly impressed. Even for a early beta, just about grievance I had with OmniWeb 4.0 is fixed. CSS support is much better, Flash 5 support is there, Java/Javascript seems to work just fine in my limited testing, and even my online banking site works. Rendering speed is a little bit slower than IE 5.1.2, but keep in mind, this is an unfinished beta.

Plus, OmniWeb 4.1 has a bunch of nice features that IE doesn't - namely, spell checking of web sites, spellchecking of text you enter in to sites (great for MacOSX.com's forums!), the ability to use PlainTalk to speak text on Web pages (nice for people with eyesight problems), and the beautiful antialised text.

Hopefully the OmniGroup will hit their target and get this puppy ready for primetime by MWSF 02.
I didn't like the sound of this!

Don't tell me Windoze users are gonna be seeing better rendered text than us higher beings!:eek:
As far as making Mozilla use the purty Quartz text rendering that OmniWeb uses, there is an open feature request to implement just that. It's been seeing quite a bit of activity over the last few days, too.


I use (and love) Mozilla on 6 platforms (OS X, OS 9.21, Win NT, FreeBSD, Linux, & Solaris) and the transparent development process is what I love most -- I can see exactly what areas are getting attention, and can even have an "indirect" effect on the dev process by filing bugs, feature requests, etc. and seeing the comments from the engineers who are actually doing the implementing and fixing.
Mozilla with anti-aliased text would be interesting... but would it slow down the speed?

Anyway, this type of open source production is always an exciting thing, and is in the true spirit of OSX.;)
Until OmniGroup solves this nasty problem with Omniweb...


....otherwise I will have to stick with IE.....
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