OSX Build 4L7


softer than ever!
Has anyone run the 4L7 update, from macupdate.com and appeinsider.com?

I did the 4L5 update a while ago and noticed improvements, albeit little. The 4L7 seems quite a lot better, but maybe it is the placebo effect.

IE takes 9 bounces to load instead of 15.

I am aware of peoples worries about trojan horses et all, but hey - I am willing to take risks to be on the forefront of this OS.

Anyway - any thoughts on the legitimacy of this? I am surprised to not here about the 4L7 build on macosx.com as macosx.com is generally my source for osx news.

Note: this installer contains an Apple licence agreement, whereas my 4L5 did not. I read it, it seems legit


iBook SE
192 Mb
10.0.1 4L7

I updated to 4L7 also, i started a thread elsewhere on the site also, and some people have put some stuff up there. feel free to check it out.

As for myself, i haven't noticed much improvement for either 4L5 or 4L7. i think the only thing i saw improvement on was with 4L5, i think they did some sort of anti-aliasing for the genie FX. it used to have jagged edges, but now it's nice and smooth ;)

I'm just dying to try out these new builds I keep hearing about, but can I find them anywhere?&nbsp; Can I f +++ NO CARRIER<br>
4L7 was on this forum it was just posted under one of the patch/update/4L5 threads. I plan on updating tonight.