OSX build 5G48


Hey all --- Well I have installed 5G48 with no hassels ( other than forgetting to plug in the ibook :-( )

First impression -- well I installed over my other OSX partion with out wiping it clean so all my system setting and files stayed put. It is tremendiously faster than 10.0.4 and IE final is alot better.

The DVD is working and I must say better than in 9.2 --- Appleworks and all other apps that I have loaded seem to work with out a hitch - except for --==Dave 3.0 ==--

Also if I plug it in to my cable modem it works great --- if I plug it into my network and try and use windowz machine as a gateway ( as I did before and worked great ) it will not obtain an IP address ?? I have tried numerous config to get it to work ? But now am dumb founded -----

Can't wait for the final !!!!!

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Well I did the same 2 days ago, and I am really impressed with it.
This version is almost finished, everything behave as expected, I only noticed some minor bug, I hope they will be fixed soon.

for exemple, in the icon mode, arranged by name, when you click on the "zoom" widget, the windows resizes in a wrong way. In fact, if you have 3 columns of icons, it resize the window in 2 columns and drops the icons lower. It seems that the Finder resizes about 3 or 5 pixels too close. This is the only bug, because if there is no automatic rearrangement option, the resize is perfect.

That's the kind of bug that remain to be withdrawn. Very minor.


What I was pleased about the update is that every bug or cosmetic glitch that I noticed (and send to Apple's feedback) has been corrected. Very nice.

The system on my iBook is so much better optimized, everyone now can use the OSX without frustration.