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Since installing OSX Tiger, whenever I log on to my network to view my other PC'S, a "Confirm Apolication Change" window pops up with a padlock and note: "mount_smbfs has been updated. Do you want to allow the new version to access the sme keychain items (such as passwords) as the previous version?" This change is permanent and affects all keychain items used by mount_smbfs.
If I click on Change All on one of the items, it proceeds to log on to the pc. If I click on the other pc, another window pops up with "The alias "P3-500" could bot be opened, because the original item cannot be found. There are three options listed: Delete Alias, Fix Alias, & OK. If I click on Fix Alias, a new window appears, Select New Original. Here I get confused and cannot log on to the other PC.. How can I get rid of these messages and just back to how I used to log on before Tiger?


Scratch & Sniff Committee
First, to clarify a couple of details: "mount_smbfs" is "Mount Samba File System" and is called whenever you mount a windows share. The "Confirm Application Change" occurs because the keychain has a password stored for that windows share, but the password was stored using an older version of Mount_smbfs. To be sure that this isn't a security problem, Keychain Access will ask you to confirm the change. Ongoing keychain problems can often be repaired by going into /Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access, and deleting the password entries for the affected server, and/or running "Keychain First Aid" from the "Keychain Access" menu.

The next problem you have is that the alias to "P3-500" is no longer valid. I assume you've made a shortcut to this windows share, and then something has been changed on the PC (perhaps the IP address, computer name, or the name of the share) and this has broken the alias on the Mac ... it no longer knows where to point. Delete the alias that you are trying to launch from, and then reconnect to the PC by using Finder --> Go --> Connect to Server...

If you're not sure where the alias is, check your System Preferences --> Accounts --> Login Items. Often the alias is placed there so that the Mac will auto-connect to the share at login.

I hope this helps you out.


Nope. Didn't help. Seems when I try to get info on the drive I cannot connect to, it says I do not have permission to do so. Don't know why. I am only person on Mac and I originally created the linkis to my other PCs. When viewing the info for both the PCs, the p3-500 & p4-1500, All info is identical, but when I try to delete the alias, it says I don't have permission to do so. I can't delete it, nor can I fix it. I didn't have this problem prior to installing Tiger. I was able to log on to either of the computers from the Mac. However, I can log on to the Mac from the P3-500. I have tried using "administrator" to log on from Mac to P3-500, no success. Short of a complete reinstall, loosing all my configuration, any other way to delete just the network from the Mac? I spent much time getting the Mac to print to my network printers and don't want to loose that.