OSX chess game


hello everyone

has anyone figured out how to flip the chess board in the chess game?

i prefer to play black, but when you play human vs. computer, white is always on my side, whether i play white or black.....most chess games allow you to flip the board, but i cannot find that in this one.....

I don't see a way to do it either. But as I was fiddling with it, it occured to me... Windows users get solitare, and we get chess. That's got to mean something, don't you think? :D
Yeah, it probably does mean something that we get chess instead of solitaire. :D

And I'm almost positive there is no way to flip the board. :(
Well, this doesn't swap the board around but it does allow you to play black... Open up the prefs and instead of "computer vs human" select "human vs computer" You'll be playing black at the top of the screen instead of white on the bottom. You can also select human vs human if you like.
If you want to play chess with a friend, get a real chess board and pieces. Much better chess experience. Computer chess is always meant for you to be playing against computer.

Just an opinion :)
Yea, I agree with ae77: if you want to play chess with a real person, play real chess. If you want to play chess with an actual challenging opponent then play computer chess.
I know i'm rusty, but does the computer in Chess seem unreasonably good? I need to get back into practice.

My elementary teachers must have thaught i was one weird kid. Everyday we used to bring a board to school and play in lunch, we would actually have people gather roun to watch. The good old days.....

I think i need to get my old books out, it just seems demeaning to not be able to beat the machine you own in an inheirantly human game.
Well, Apple's chess program is a front-end for gnuchess, which has been around for a heck of a long time (I played a version of it on an Mac SE-30), so it's probably pretty good. Granted, considering how small it is, it doesn't seem to be using much of a moves book, since there's a 12 MB one available using Fink.

As for why you might want to play against someone using the computer, it sure does make it easier to play someone on the other side of the globe. Not that this chess program offers that kind of functionality, but if it did, that'd be one possibility.